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Maximize your earnings while maintaining full control over your assets with Blockshard's non-custodial staking service. Our cutting-edge infrastructure offers unparalleled security and privacy, giving you the peace of mind to focus on earning passive income.

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Stake with confidence across 10+ networks

Earn on multiple networks with Blockshard's staking service. Supporting 10+ networks, diversify and maximize your earning potential. Reliable infrastructure for safe passive income. Start staking now with Blockshard.


Ethereum ist the groundbreaking hub for decentralized smart contracts and dApps.


EigenLayer enhances blockchain scalability and security through ETH restaking.

SSV Network

SSV Network enhances Ethereum security with distributed validator management.

Enterprise grade staking for everyone

Experience enterprise-grade security and reliability for your staking needs with Blockshard. Our service provides industry-leading infrastructure for individual and institutional investors alike. Join the decentralized future with Blockshard.

Transparent fees

At Blockshard, we prioritize transparency and consistently provide upfront, clearly communicated fees with no surprises

Delegators first

We prioritize the needs of our delegators and strive to provide a seamless staking experience that allows them to focus on growing their investments

Fully Secure

We employ best practices in cybersecurity to mitigate any risk of hacking or breaches as much as possible.

Secure staking experience

We understand the critical role of security in safeguarding digital assets. As a non-custodial staking provider, we prioritize the safety of our infrastructure and have implemented a range of advanced security measures to protect against hacking, downtime, slashing, and other risks. Our service uses enterprise-grade security protocols, along with advanced measures such as multi-signature and cold-storage technology, to ensure that your staking experience is secure and uninterrupted.


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